The Perfect Wellington Wedding with the Perfect Local Stationary


You’ve said yes! You’ve set a date! You’re on the hunt for the perfect Wellington wedding venue… what’s the next step?

To make sure your friends and family are free for your big day, it’s a really good idea to send out “”Save the Date Cards””.
Instead of going for impersonal designer wedding stationery in Wellington from Paper Plus or Whitcouls, or ordering something generic that’s printed overseas, why not entrust this important step to a local business which understands New Zealanders?


It can be hard to know where to start when you start planning your big day. These five simple steps are a good way to make sure you have an organised approach and nothing gets overlooked:

1. Start a wedding folder (physical or digital) with all the information you need. File your drafts, quotes from providers, ideas for themes, and everything wedding-related safely in one place.

2. Set a Budget: too many couples make the fatal mistake of not having a definite budget right at the beginning of the planning process. Decide on the top figure you’re willing to spend and then prioritise your decisions from there. Make sure you save a little for the honeymoon!

3. Set a date: a summer’s day is definitely the most popular time for a Wellington wedding. But be aware you’ll need to book venues and providers well in advance and also give your guests plenty of time to plan: it’s a busy time of year!

4. On that note, you’ll need guests! Don’t underestimate the difficulty of this task. We suggest deciding on a maximum number, writing down everyone you can think of and then negotiating the list down below your magic number. Don’t forget Aunty Alice!

5. Send out Save the Date cards: even if you don’t yet have a venue booked, save the date wedding cards in Wellington is a really good idea at this stage of the planning process, especially if you’re marrying in the summer. Do this as quickly as possible after finalising the guest list. People’s calendars fill up quickly at this time of year and if you’ve got friends and family coming from near and far, you need to give them plenty of time to plan travel and accommodation.


The “”Buy New Zealand Made”” movement is growing and many couples are looking for ways to support local businesses when planning their wedding. Whether you choose a windswept wedding on the Kapiti Coast, Waterfront views on the wharf, a classic church wedding at Old St Pauls, or a backyard wedding at home, there are hundreds of local wedding vendors that offer excellent services and help you keep your dollar in our economy. Today we’d like to feature the company making save the date cards Wellington newlyweds are raving about!


We love this local business! Sunny & Swoon Design Studio are constantly working on new designs and have an ever expanding range of ready to order wedding invitations Wellington couples love. Or, if you’re looking for something a little more personalised, they’ll work with you to come up with something that fits your unique style and your wedding theme.


As you take on the mammoth task of planning your wedding, devising a guest list, trying on dresses, organising menus and sending out invitations, consider supporting NZ business and check out Sunny and Swoon. This homegrown company makes the very best Save the Date, wedding invitations and wedding stationery Wellington has to offer! Visit us at today!


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