Wedding Planning – Tips for Getting Started


Since the last time you got that engagement ring, you might have been running up and down getting to know what to do next. From food and flavors to decorations and wedding ceremony songs, there is a wide range of choices to be made in the remaining period leading to the big day. To save you time and the hassle, we have come up with some tips for getting started with as little stress as possible. These tips are in the form of questions which you both need to answer before you get carried away with all the details. Read on to find out more.

What kind wedding do you want?

There are a wide variety of weddings you can settle on. They range from family event to social gathering, entertainment-focused and food-focused to big white weddings. The big question here is, “what kind wedding do you want?” Think about the kind of vibe you want for this big day. Also, consider whether you want a civil ceremony wedding or a church wedding. It is your wedding after all. Don’t be swayed by what you think is the right thing to do. You want to make it a personal reflection of you as a couple.

Who to invite?

Make a provisional guest list as soon as you get that engagement ring. Split your guest list into groups such as family, workmates, schoolmates and friends. Within each group, make sure you list the order of their importance. Definitely, you want to share this big day with people that mean the most to you and your partner. Once you know the kind of people you want to grace this big day, send them personalised wedding invitations to announce your wedding day.

When is the wedding?

Is there a specific date that holds a special significance to you and your partner? Do you want a winter or summer wedding? These are important questions because your wedding budget may have a big impact on when you choose to tie the knot. If you have a tight budget, you may want to consider tying the knot out of season.

Where to marry?

Deciding where the wedding will take place is also another important decision you need to make. Do you want the wedding to take place where you both live currently or you want a destination wedding? Knowing where to marry will also help you plan your wedding accordingly.

What’s important to you?

You need to decide what aspects of your wedding will be important to you and your partner. This includes things such as wedding stationary packages and the kind of foods and drinks for your guests. If you feel entertainment is necessary, you also need to include it at the top of your list.

What’s your budget?

Another final question you need to consider is how much your wedding will cost you. The budget will include things such as the cost of crafting personalised wedding invitations, stationary packages, hiring a wedding venue, foods and drinks, and other expenses.

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